iMustardSoft supports every dimension of application development, from back-end libraries to end-user interfaces. Whether you need to build a local desktop application, a networked web program, or a mobile app, our expert team can build the technology your company needs.

Web Framework – Ruby on Rails

Web Framework – Ruby on Rails

To build the front-end of your applications, along with the core functionality, iMustardSoft typically uses an elegant and versatile development language called Ruby on Rails. Although it is a relatively new tool, Ruby on Rails has quickly established itself as the best way for skilled developers to produce code, find errors and make alterations faster and more easily than they could with Javascript or Flash. Some of the most innovative applications of the past several years were built using Ruby on Rails, including Twitter. One business owner recently told us that “we use Rails and our competitor uses Java, and we can release features four times faster than they can.”

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing – Android and iPhone Development

The way end-users utilize software—and the way providers deliver it to them—has changed. Mobile devices are full-fledged computing platforms, used by consumers and relied on by enterprises around the world. Organizations are even finding that mobile counterparts to their existing desktop and web applications are now must-haves. iMustardSoft can help. We build programs on the market's two most popular mobile platforms—the Android and iOS systems—offering you both native applications and mobile counterparts to desktop programs.

Dynamic Web Application

Dynamic Web Application – JQuery, Prototype

To connect with your market, your web applications need to be smart and intuitive. Making dynamic web applications that are user-friendly means the data libraries running behind the scenes need to be flexible. That's why we've worked with Open Source libraries like JQuery and Prototype. Starting from these foundations, we've built libraries that grow to accommodate the shifting—and often increasing—demands of sophisticated applications. The end result? Apps that users love to use.

Database – MySQL and CouchDB

Database – MySQL and CouchDB

Databases are the beating heart of any application—you can run your program, as long as the databases providing it with its information are in good shape. Selecting the right style of database for your project can make the difference between satisfied customers or interminable down-time. MySQL, an open-source database package, is the database of choice for many small- to medium-scale projects. With more than 100 million copies in circulation, MySQL is one of the most relied-upon databases in the world thanks to its robust transactional support and high performance.

The document-oriented database CouchDB allows more flexibility than traditional, SQL-based databases. For web applications or programs where you may expect to eventually draw large numbers of users, CouchDB is one of the best options available. Features like incremental Map/Reduce queries and a powerhouse of a replication mechanism mean it can scale to almost any size. You get to maximize up time, even as your user base grows.

Open/Closed Source Packages

Open/Closed Source Packages – VNC, C/C++, Java, .net

At iMustardSoft, we are staunch supporters of the Open Source movement, and continue to contribute to Open Source communities. Our development team has a world-class understanding of how to break down, adapt and integrate Open Source components into original, custom applications.

The concept behind Open Source is simple: The best way to solve a problem is to collaborate with people who have already worked on similar issues. Some of today's most creative and potent development tools include Open Source components. Leveraging VNC, an Open Source software, allowed us to build Wand Command Center a customized, secure remote-access option for their resource planning system.