We always start with a free consultation—it's how we get to know your business and create the specs for your project. After that, iMustardSoft offers three different development schedules, offering the flexibility you need to hit your launch window with the best programs possible:


Traditional – A Proven Model for Proven Results

Traditionally, the consultation is followed by two cycles of development. At the end of each cycle, you get a hands-on demonstration of the product and provide us with your feedback. After the second round of feedback, we create a final model and schedule an acceptance test for you before roll-out. This development model allows us to give you a fixed-price quote.


Agile – Faster to Market, More Responsive Development

After your consultation, iMustardSoft will develop and fine-tune your project in one-week cycles. At the end of each week, we demonstrate the product and gather feedback from you that will guide the next development cycle. The cycles go on until you are satisfied with your project. With this model, we charge based on the number of development hours.

MVP™ – Deliver a Minimum Viable Product to Early Adopters

Are technical details like hosting and configuration too much of a distraction? Or are you concerned about your initial burn rate? iMustardSoft has a plan just for you. During your free consultation, we'll work with you to create the initial parameters for a Minimum Viable Product that can be finished within 200 developer hours. We develop your MVP for you within a month and host the code. After the program rolls out to your early adopters, we can work together to grow your product and we can work with you to have modifications to the code or continued development. This model won't be right for everyone. When we meet for your free consultation, iMustardSoft will help you determine whether this model is right for you.