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The Most Flexible E-Commerce Platform

What is Spree?

Spree is a 100% open source e-commerce platform, powered by the ever popular, fast and agile Ruby on Rails framework, and designed to empower clients make customization and upgrades as simple as possible.

Custom Look and Feel -- the most optimal UI

Customization is quick and easy. Spree is designed to run in an isolated cloud environment and therefore none of the constraints of most existing solutions. You will have control over all aspects of the customer experience; your store can look the way you always wanted.

   ● Define your own styles and javascript with ease
   ● Your design overrides the default views
   ● Powerful hook system allows for fine grain access during customization
   ● Third party extensions are enabled to affect view and styling changes
   ● Semantic HTML means only the best software

Versatile Checkout Flow

The exact number and order of checkout steps is for you to decide. Hosted solutions in general require you to adopt their checkout process. With Spree you can create the ideal checkout flow for your business. Empowered with full access to the code -- you can use a single page or multi-page checkout with the exact steps you require.

   ● Your Choice -- Single page or multi step checkout
   ● Integrate Paypal Express or other third party payment sites
   ● Absolute control over the checkout flow: add or remove as many steps as you like
   ● Show custom tax and shipping calculations
   ● AJAX or standard navigation
   ● Checkout steps automatically integrated with Google Analytics

Impressive Themes

Control over every element on the page. Spree uses semantic HTML to provide a minimal look and feel which is easy to customize. Choose from dozens of themes or write your own.

   ● The best theming support available on any e-commerce platform
   ● Advanced hook system allows for fine-grained customization
   ● Themes are available as full-fledged extensions so they can be reused and shared
   ● Easy transition when upgrading to newer versions
   ● Completely compatible with the latest Rails standards

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