NYCPlanIt empowers New York City tourists to effectively plan their own trips to the city, helping them to create their own itinerary and then guiding them through it. The NYCPlanIt system integrates a sophisticated web application and a mobile application that takes full advantage of the smartphone platform. The web application component utilizes a proprietary ranking algorithm to rank New York City's myriad sites, events and restaurants based on each individual user's stated interests, date of visit and budget. The itinerary can then be saved and shared on Facebook, linked to through Twitter or sent to friends via email, all from within the web app. NYCPlanIt's mobile application component reads the itinerary from the web app's database, displays them on the mobile application, and utilizes a smart phone's GPS system to guide the tourist through New York's maze of subways, buses, and streets.

iMustardSoft conceived of, developed and launched the application in-house. We take pride in being able to move from initial concept to complete deployment of web applications and mobile applications in, on average, one month.

Services Provided

  • Improving the app look-n-feel
  • Added to Calendar feature
  • UI Design polished
  • Fetching Data interaction improved
  • Search Feature improved
  • Distance calculation improved
  • Added Facebook and Twitter account and also the Rss feed on the home page

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