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iMustardSoft has helped many start-ups and established businesses to launch new products. We love the excitement, energy and education that comes with assisting businesses to launch products through building applications, but it's also very difficult work. In the process, we learned a few ways to minimize the headaches and pains that plague many businesses when it comes to developing new products and launching them:

Lesson #1:

The priority for a start-up and any business is to find customers.

Everything else—even perfecting your technologies—is secondary. This means you need to bring a stable, usable product to market as quickly as possible, in order to make contact with new (and potential) customers.

Lesson #2:

Open Source software provides unique advantages:

  1. No expensive license fees
  2. A proven track record of reliability
  3. Limitless customization without vendor lock-in

Lesson #3:

Insist on seeing a software developer's progress Often.

Checking in every two weeks can not only give you peace of mind, but also provide invaluable opportunities to catch mistakes or make adjustments without needing to deconstruct the entire finished product.

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